Employment Drug Testing: What to expect when doing a drug test!

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Employment Drug Testing: What to expect when doing a drug test!

Many people are a bit apprehensive when coming in for employment drug testing.  It might be your first time, and you don’t know what to expect. Or you may have done a drug test at another facility with protocols that are different from ours.  

We do not think you’re a drug addict because you are at a drug testing facility!

In fact, we do very little drug treatment testing.  Many treatment centers do their own testing on-site.  Almost all of our drug testing is for people like you, applying for employment, as a condition of employment.  We also perform many other collections for employers and individuals. We do fingerprinting, blood draws and DNA testing.  So there are lots of reasons people may visit our facility. Our goal is to treat you with a smile and efficiency. We wish to make your visit quick, in a clean and friendly environment.  

We do have certain protocols to follow!

There are certain things we will instruct you to do while at our facility.  These instructions ensure that you and your new employer are comfortable with how your sample was collected and meet your employer’s corporate drug testing policies.  

When You Arrive

Upon arrival you will electronically check in on the waiting room Ipad.  The collector may be conducting a collection when you arrive. This check in process ensures that everyone is serviced in the order they have checked in.  Once called, you will be provided some simple instructions in order to conduct a proper drug collection.

How do I get my work place test results?

You may wish to receive the results for your employer directed drug test.  These results will be released to the employer only. Any inquiry for results must be made through the employer.  We are not authorized to release results to you.

Schedule Your Test!

Call our office today at 847.258.3966 to schedule an appointment. Our Chicago-Elk Grove office is conveniently located to provide all Chicago area drug testing needs.

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