Reasons to get your DNA test

There are many reasons people pursue DNA testing. The most common DNA test is ordered is used to determine paternity. Some people may get DNA testing to understand more about their ancestral roots. Did you know that DNA testing can also be used to determine if a spouse has been cheating? DNA can be extracted from a myriad of items. Whether its undergarments, bed sheets or cans of soda, DNA can be recovered and used to compare against a reference sample taken at the lab. We can even determine if a sample contains DNA from multiple people and whether they are male or female or detect the presence of semen. These can be useful tools for a concerned partner and help answer many questions.

Things to remember when handling a sample you wish to bring to the lab for testing.

  • Always handle the item with gloves or place your hand in a plastic bag. Never use bare hands. This will help to keep the item as unadulterated as possible.
  • Always place the item in a PAPER bag. Do not place items in a plastic bag as the bag will trap moisture thus degrading any potential sample.

Remember that DNA is very hardy and can remain intact for a long period of time in the correct conditions.