New: Drug Testing Resources for Attorneys

Drug Testing Resources for Lawyers - TrueTest Labs, Elk Grove Villae, IL

TrueTest Labs has long been a trusted partner with law firms and attorneys when it comes to court ordered drug testing. As part of that partnership, we have created a page of resources for lawyers, including a blank court order for drug testing, a downloadable list of drug categories and brand names, and a full list of drug test panels and the drugs tested for.

Resources Available for Lawyers

Our new resources page has the following resources:

  • Blank Court Order Form: This Google Doc is ready for editing, making it easy for attorneys to create a court order for drug testing.
  • List of Drug Categories and Brand Names: This is a great reference for any law firm to have handy. Download it and print it out for your office.
  • Drug Test Panels: A full list of the panels we offer and which drugs included in the test. This will help you know exactly which panel to put on your court order.

Check out the Attorney Resources here.

We’re Here to Help the Legal Community

Attorneys are busy enough as it is. We’re here to help make court ordered drug testing easier with these resources and information. And of course, we’re also here for you anytime you have questions. When you’re ready to order court-admissible drug tests for your cases, give us a call at 847 258 3966.