Confidential and Safe DNA Testing - TrueTest Labs

Privacy has been in the headlines lately. Whether it’s concern over social media using user data or data breaches by hackers offering personal information on the dark web, people have every reason to worry about privacy more than ever. The popularity of DNA services has only added fuel to the fire. TrueTest labs takes these threats seriously. Your DNA data is always your own and we never share this information without express written consent by you, our client. Our paternity testing results can only be shared with the parties involved with testing. Each party will sign a record release form directing us where results can be sent. Only the legal guardians of the child/children can have access to this information.

While home DNA testing might seem more convenient, that convenience may come at a price (BuzzFeed). Make TrueTest Labs is your trusted DNA service provider and have the confidence that your DNA information stays your DNA information.