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DNA screening is often requested for judicial, legal, medical, forensic, and business matters. You can have confidence that our Chicago lab technicians are properly certified and all of our test results can be court-admissible. At home DNA testing, although convenient, cannot be used in legal proceedings. TrueTest Labs, Chicago's best DNA testing center, provides DNA testing for the following legal matters:

Parental DNA Tests

Parental DNA tests help determine if an individual is the biological parent of a child. A paternity DNA test determines if a man is the father of a child, while a maternity DNA test determines if a woman is the mother. Order your DNA test now or contact our Chicago area location for more information.

Parental Paternity DNA Test - TrueLabs Chicago
Grandparentage DNA testing at TrueTest Labs Chicago

Grandparentage DNA Tests

A grandparentage DNA test determines if a person is the biological grandparent of another person through DNA testing. These tests can be court admissible if needed. Court admissible DNA tests requires you to visit our office in order to maintain control over samples. Contact our Chicago-Elk Grove office to schedule your test.

Uncle (Avuncular) DNA Tests

Also known as the Aunt/Uncle DNA test, the Avuncular DNA uses DNA from a child and potential aunt or uncle to determine biological relationship. These tests are often used to determine a paternal relationship when the father is deceased or otherwise unavailable for testing. Contact our Chicago area location for more information.

Aunt/Uncle Avuncular DNA Test from TrueTest Labs - Chicago
Siblingship DNA test from TrueTest Labs - Chicago

Siblingship DNA Tests

When two people want to determine if they are siblings, and the father is not available, they can use the Siblinship DNA test.  This test determines if two people share one or more parents. Schedule your test at our Chicago Office.

Immigration DNA Tests

Immigration DNA testing is paternal, maternal or other kinship DNA testing as requested by U.S. Embassy, Department of Homeland Security, or United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). If you need an immigration DNA test, contact our Chicago area location for more information.

Immigration DNA Testing by TrueTest Labs - Chicago
Infidelity DNA Tests from TrueTest Labs - Chicago

Infidelity DNA Tests

If you suspect somebody of infidelity, you can order an infidelity DNA test. These tests require a DNA sample, which can be obtained from bodily fluids or other sources, such as cigarette butts, hair, nail trimmings, etc. If you suspect infidelity, contact us to learn more.

Prenatal DNA Tests

Need to find answers before your baby is born? We provide non-invasive DNA testing to help you acquire insightful information. This test is designed to be stress free for both the mother and baby. The fetal cells in the maternal blood provides information for our lab to analyze DNA profiles. Call today or visit our Chicago area location for more information.