preventative services to stay healthy

Preventive health is paramount to keeping healthcare costs to a minimum. Being knowledgeable in health & wellness best practices can help achieve these goals. TrueTest Labs offers preventative services, education and assessments to help individuals and businesses remain healthy, happy and productive.


We understand that all employers desire healthy employees. When your workforce is healthy, they are often more productive. They will also save your business money in healthcare costs and in taking less sick time off. TrueTest Labs offers many health and wellness services for your business that can help keep your staff maintaining their best health.


Corporate Wellness

We provide wellness screening services like onsite Biometric screening services. We can test for nicotine which can help identify those who need assistance.

Wellness Through your DNA
Our exclusive Total Genes Test include four major components and includes a 40-page result: Pharmacogenetics, Pre-disposition to diseases, Nutragenetics & Exercise & Diet.

Health Risk Assessments

Sometimes employers need to look for potential health risks and have a plan developed for health treatments. Let us help you develop treatment plans and assess the current health of your staff to spot any potential risks.

Telehealth Services

This will allow your employees 24/7 access to the healthcare they need from board-certified doctors they can trust. This affordable program can be offered as a company benefit or payroll deduction.



Keep your health a priority with wellness screenings. TrueTest Labs provides a wide range of panels that will help you prevent disease or allow for early detection of a potential risks so you can seek treatment before it becomes a problem. Some of the wellness services we provide for individuals are:

Diet & Exercise

If you have been dieting and are not seeing the results you were looking for we can help. TrueTest Labs offers diet & exercise plan designed with your specific DNA as the guide. Our exclusive Total Genes Test include four major components and includes a 40-page results: Pharmacogenetics, Pre-disposition to diseases, Nutragenetics & Exercise & Diet plan. With your DNA as the guide to better health!

Telehealth Services

On the road with work or travel and need to see a doctor? Can’t get it to see your doctor when you’re sick? With Telehealth services meeting with a doctor has never been easier or cheaper. Ask about how we can make seeing a doctor and getting the answers you need today!