Alcohol Testing and Screening FAQ

Alcohol Testing FAQ

Alcohol Testing FAQ

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What is PEth testing?

PEth is a direct biological marker for alcohol consumption. The detection period for your PEth alcohol test results in up to four weeks. These tests can be combined with Hair or Nail testing to provide a complete alcohol consumption profile.

How to interpret PEth test results?

A positive PEth result is a reading of 20ng/mL or above, which indicates excessive alcohol abuse. A result over 100ng/mL suggests heavy binge drinking. It is not possible to correlate the number of drinks to the level of PEth, as you need to consider number of drinks based on body size; however, we have provided guidance below:

Source: DNA Legal

Can a positive PEth test be wrong?

Phosphatidylethanol (PEth) Testing provides a detection of alcohol abuse with 99% sensitivity, far higher than traditional blood testing methods. A blood spot/micro sample can be collected by finger prick making it less invasive than a full venipuncture (needle and vial collection).

How long does alcohol stay in your blood? Or, how long can alcohol be detected in a blood test?

There is a distinction between a blood test for alcohol and a PEth blood test. A Blood Alcohol Test (BAT) is similar to a Breath Alcohol Test (BAC), as it measures whether someone is currently under the influence of alcohol. A PEth test measures alcohol consumption in the past 3-4 weeks.

What are the main differences between a PEth test and a breath test?

The main difference between a PEth test and a breath test is the PEth test is a measure of alcohol consumed in the recent past. It provides a glimpse into one’s alcohol behavior, while a breath test measures whether someone is currently under the influence.

How are breath alcohol test results expressed?

Results of a breath alcohol test are reported out in the same manner one would get from a field sobriety test conducted by a police officer. Results are expressed in a percentage of alcohol in the blood.

What can cause a false positive breath alcohol test?

Any product containing alcohol like mouth wash that has been recently consumed can cause a false reading on a breath test. A breath test should only be performed after waiting at least 10 minutes after consumption of anything like gum or food.

Are there other ways to test for alcohol?

Alcohol consumption can be tested in hair, urine, blood, saliva and finger nails. Each sample has it’s own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Based on the situation for testing we can provide the best course of action for the client.

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