Prenatal DNA Test: Getting a DNA Test While Pregnant

Get Your Prenatal DNA Test

In an era where nearly 40% of all births are to single mothers, one way to empower these moms is through prenatal DNA testing. Getting a DNA test while pregnant helps the single mother-to-be feel at ease, knowing who the father is.

Can a Paternity DNA Test Be Done During Pregnancy?

A sometimes uncomfortable but common question we get at TrueTest Labs is, “Can a paternity DNA test can be performed while pregnant?”  The answer is yes. We perform our prenatal DNA tests so that there’s no harm or risk to the baby. During pregnancy a small amount of the fetus’s DNA can be detected in the mother’s blood.  Typically after about eight weeks of pregnancy, there’s enough fetal DNA that can be isolated and used for paternity testing. We can attempt test sooner than eight weeks, but that may require you to return for a second blood draw. 

How Does a Prenatal DNA Test Work?

We isolate the baby’s DNA and compare it to a sample taken from the father, typically a cheek swab.  At that point, we can do a typical paternity test with the same degree of accuracy as a post birth DNA test.  Results will take about three weeks, but for a small extra fee, you can choose to have results delivered in one week. 

Get Your Prenatal DNA Test

Pregnancy is a very stressful time for the mother, and we know the less stress the mother experiences the better the pregnancy.  Pre-Natal or Non-Invasive Paternity Testing is an excellent way to get the information you need when you need it most. A man who knows he’s the father of a child is more likely to be there to support that child during pregnancy and beyond. Prenatal DNA tests can be a first step in getting the support every mother needs.

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